Oarsome Chance Foundation is a charitable foundation aiming to...

Help develop lives of young people not succeeding in mainstream education for the benefit of education, health and social action outcomes. Our programmes will promote and encourage core values and skills for whole life benefits that can be used to improve education and employ-ability prospects by tackling challenging behaviour, enhancing personal development using vocational education and training and improving health through active sporting participation.

Our mission statement

Youth Coastal Rowing Programme “Helping to Pull Together”

Our Youth Coastal Rowing Programme is uniquely placed as a Sport for Development project to bring about social, educational and employability skills change. Combining vocational study and learning transferable practical work place skills through skiff boat building and carpentry, with learning the sport of fixed seat coastal rowing using those self-built and created skiffs, the programme engages through sport and educates through the workshop.
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Vocational study & build projects of Oarsome and St Ayles skiffs

On the water skiff paddling, rowing and outdoor education

Indoor rowing using Concept 2 Ergo machines

Pop Up indoor rowing events and challenge

Since 2000, academic interest and output on sport for development issues increased significantly and the policy claims have been tested and often challenged in more than 2,000 studies. Based on these studies, it can be stated that sport has some unique features to contribute to development.

In a programme that combines sporting engagement with vocational study our young people will gain all round life skill development